Mari Richards – Abstract Paintings

The moment I try to plan a painting is the moment it stops working.

Why do I paint?

Painting gives me access to a part of myself that I can’t access in any other way. I’m able to move with instinct and intuition, working in dialogue between an inner knowledge and the paint in front of me. It’s a process that helps me release my need to control, as I let go of outside thoughts and concerns. It’s a space where I can connect with my own instinctual nature.

My paintings capture my shifting perspectives: moving back and forth from viewing the outside world to glimpsing my own inner world. There’s a focus on bright, saturated colors – a rainbow of options – yet they contain richness and depth. I want them to thrive on movement, layers, secrets, and conversations. Paintings take on their own life as I paint them, full of gestural marks and an exuberance looking to burst past their canvas borders.

What’s my background?

I do lots of creative things. My official credentials include an MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design {MCAD), and a BA in art and a BM in piano performance from St. Olaf College. I have designed over 400 products, and won over 30 industry awards. My artwork has been shown nationally in solo, group, and juried shows. I’ve done everything from toy design, websites, logos, print design, photo styling, sculpture, teaching art and design, design blogger, DIY kids crafts, printables, paper toys, pianist, and composer, all the way to Pinfluencer. Based in St. Paul, MN, I live a messy, wonderful life with my 13 year old daughter, husband, and a hilarious rescue mutt.